Medieval James Himself

Medieval James Himself
Guide at Ozark Medieval Fortress

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Fast Food

april29 (16)Did gardeners in the Middle Ages really use raised beds like those at the Ozark Medieval Fortress?  People now think that raised bed gardening is new.  Nope.  They did it just like at the Fortress.  The Middle Ages was a time of global warming (and I can say with 100% certainty it was not because of American cars).  Greenland was green and the Vikings settled there.  Europe was warm and got a lot of rain.  Now we would just order root rot resistant hybrid seeds, but the Medieval gardeners had to deal with natural seeds and figure a way to dry the soil.  It’s very logical to raise the dirt.  A wall of stone would hold the moisture and defeat the purpose.  A wall of logs would hold all the bugs.  A wall of wattle (woven branches like they used in the building of walls) was perfect to hold the soil but allow it to breathe. 

I guess we can say also for certain that then and now gardening is a lot of work!

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